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Mark Shepard: Using Forest Ecology Principals in Regenerative Agriculture

Download PDF. Introductory Agroforestry You are currently using guest access Log in. Different Agro-forestry Systems Different Agro-forestry Systems Different types of agroforestry systems exist in different parts of the world. These systems are highly diverse and complex in character and function. Classification of agroforestry systems is necessary in order to provide a framework for evaluating the systems and developing action plan for their improvement.

Several criteria can be used in classifying them but most common includes the system structure, function, socioeconomic scale of management, ecological spread etc. According to the potential, there are many different systems of agroforestry. In agroforestry the terms like system, sub-system and practices are commonly used. So everyone should also know that agroforestry requires innovating thinking and scientific research.

Christian Dupraz: We need agroforestry to make sense to the ordinary man on the street. Agroforestry is a modern word for old practices, but these old practices are current and updated.

Everybody can feel involved when recognizing wise practices that were common in the past. Dupraz: Europe lost most of its agroforestry heritage during the 20th century, but some farmers resisted this and they seem now to be the forerunners of the agriculture of tomorrow.

Ecological basis of agroforestry by Daizy Rani Batish - PDF Drive

Welcoming this agroforestry congress in France is therefore a true signal of renaissance for agroforestry in Europe. Who would have imagined this congress 10 years ago? Nobody, even less me, although I have been working on agroforestry since the s. Torquebiau: The Montpellier congress will focus on links between science, society and policy. It will address major societal questions through an agroforestry viewpoint, such as climate change, food security and nutrition, poverty alleviation, gender, biodiversity, etc.

It will try to identify major research questions for the future of agroforestry. Dupraz: The private sector has flexibility and responsiveness, while public support for agroforestry is slow and complicated. We dream of private sector agents that would boost impetus for tree planting and care. And we know that agroforestry will make money. But we need to be very tough on greenwashing: planting trees is not enough. Taking care of trees is the issue. Private sector actors may be tempted to plant and flee. This should not be. Sinoquet and P. Cruz, — Paris: INRA.

Ecological Basis of Agroforestry

Ong, C. Deans, J. Wilson, J. Mutua, A. Khan and E. Sanchez, P.

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Science in agroforestry. In Agroforestry: Science, Policy and Practice, ed. Sinclair, 5— Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Schaller, M. Doctoral Thesis, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth. Species and site factors that permit the association of fast-growing trees with crops: the case of Eucalyptus deglupta as coffee shade in Costa Rica.

Forest Ecology and Management — Schroth, G. A review of belowground interactions in agroforestry, focussing on mechanisms and management options. Contrasting effects of roots and mulch from three agroforestry tree species on yields of alley cropped maize. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment — Root length dynamics in agroforestry with Gliricidia sepium as compared to sole cropping in the semi-deciduous rainforest zone of West Africa.

Plant and Soil — Above- and below-ground biomass dynamics in a sole cropping and an alley cropping system with Gliricidia sepium in the semi-deciduous rainforest zone of West Africa. Agrofor- estry Systems — Poidy, T. Effects of different methods of soil tillage and biomass application on crop yields and soil properties in agroforestry with high tree competition.

Rodrigues and S. Spatial patterns of nitrogen mineralization, fertilizer distribution and roots explain nitrate leaching from mature Amazonian oil palm plantation. Soil Use and Management — Lehmann, M. Rodrigues, E. Barros and J. Plant—soil interactions in multistrata agroforestry in the humid tropics. Coutinho, V.

‘The ultimate agricultural practice’: Q&A with organizers of World Agroforestry Congress 12222

Moraes and A. Agricul- ture, Ecosystems and Environment — Sousa, G. Guimaraes, N. Sousa, J. Nunes and J. Multi-strata agroforestry as an alternative for small migrant farmers practicing shifting cultivation in central Amazonian communities in Brazil. Tavares, F. Beer, F. Schroth and C. Torquebiau, E.

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Are tropical agroforestry home gardens sustainable? Rot architecture in relation to tree—soil—crop interactions and shoot pruning in agroforestry. Sinclair, — Lawson, A. Groot and K.

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In Tree—Crop Interactions, ed. Ong and P. Huxley, — Webster, C. Agriculture in the Tropics. London: Longman. Willey, R. The use of shade in coffee, cocoa and tea. Horticultural Abstracts — Williams, S. Penot, J. Healey, F. Sinclair and G. On-farm evaluation of the establishment of clonal rubber in multistrata agroforests in Jambi, Indonesia. Yocum, W. Root development of young delicious apple trees as affected by soils and by cultural treatments.

Agroforestry - a viable alternative for social, economic and ecological sustainability

Young, A. Agroforestry for Soil Management. Please add in-text citation or delete from the list. Related Papers.

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