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Step 6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of the seven sections. To print your entire profile, click the "Printer Friendly Version". Step 8. If your profile does not display your picture you will need to submit one, click here for photo submission instructions. Until the 20th century, the state was largely rural and sparsely populated, but Florida has been one of the fastest growing states in recent decades, in part because air conditioning became widely available.

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Census, Florida became the third-most populated state in Florida is one of the largest producers of electricity in the United States, second only to Texas. Natural gas fuels more than two-thirds of Florida's net electricity generation. About three-fourths of the state's natural gas-fired power plants can switch to petroleum fuels in the event of disruptions in the natural gas supply.

In , less than one-sixth of Florida's net electricity generation was coal-fired, down from more than one-third of state generation in Two nuclear power stations on Florida's Atlantic Coast produce most of the state's remaining net electricity generation. However, plans have been put on hold as the utility reconsiders because of increased construction costs and competition from other lower-cost fuels. Although Florida is one of the top producers of electricity in the nation, the state does not produce enough electricity to meet current state power demand, and electricity demand in Florida is expected to increase.

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Florida has less than 0. Federal law also gives priority use of much of the area to the military for training. However, statewide production dropped to less than 2 million barrels annually by Florida does not have any crude oil refineries or interstate petroleum pipelines and relies on petroleum products delivered by tanker and barge to Florida marine terminals, primarily at Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades, and Tampa.

Ethanol and biomass-based diesel imports also arrive in the state, mainly from South America.

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Tourism and traffic through busy international airports drive heavy consumption of transportation fuels. Almost nine-tenths of Florida's petroleum consumption occurs in the transportation sector, and most of the rest is used in the industrial and commercial sectors. Only a very small amount of petroleum is used by the residential sector. Florida has no significant natural gas reserves and only a small amount of natural gas production, all from the same fields that produce crude oil.

Geologists believe additional economically recoverable natural gas deposits may lie offshore in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, but Florida has banned exploratory drilling in state waters in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the federal government has placed a moratorium on exploration in federal waters in the eastern Gulf until Florida receives nearly all of its natural gas supplies from the Gulf Coast region via several major interstate pipelines.

Pipelines entering Florida bring natural gas into the state through Alabama and Georgia.

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However, because U. Most of Florida's natural gas is consumed for electric power generation.

The industrial sector is the second-largest natural gas-consuming sector in the state, but it uses less than one-tenth as much natural gas as the electric power sector.